A new experience of Dubrovnik and its surroundings


Gulliver DMC provides unique opportunities to experience Croatia

(Dubrovnik, 29 April 2021) In the 2021 season we present new ways to meet Dubrovnik and its surroundings that take you to special places and provide unforgettable experiences.

The main premises of our expert team in creating a plethora of activities were exclusivity, sustainability, ecology… presumably to the utmost success. The suggested exploits are unique and intended for small groups. The planning has particularly included and carefully implemented the adherence to epidemiological measures and health and safety protocols.

A different Dubrovnik is presented through an insider tour, Ivan Vuković - Vuka shares what you cannot find in any book and that no other guide can tell you.

Keen on self-driven discovery of Dubrovnik and its surroundings? Take part in the tour employing electric Smart, Renault, or BMW vehicles to discover the best panoramic views and enjoy gastronomic delicacies, all in an ecological way.

Join the sightseeing on board a transport unusual for Dubrovnik, the road train, that takes you on two different tours. The first is Dubrovnik road train city tour that reveals unique landscapes, old city architecture, multimedia historical shows and refreshments at the beach club, while the second is Dubrovnik romantic road train that discloses an unforgettable sunset, music, gastronomic delis, and a glass of sparkling wine.

The romance develops further in actual local and global love stories and legends across the most romantic places in Dubrovnik, additionally spiced up by small love snacks.

For a complete experience of the gastronomic offer and Dubrovnik lifestyle, there is a unique wine experience with expert sommelier, a gourmet experience that takes you through the fresh scents of Dubrovnik Green Market and tasting of Croatian wines with Ksenija Matić.

In the end, to prove the doubting Thomases who believe we cannot take you further from Dubrovnik and its immediate surroundings wrong, there are two carefully designed tours that allow you to taste continental Croatia. The first takes you on the Slavonian Horse-drawn carriage ride through Konavle to discover the fusion of "blue" scents of the sea and "green" flavours of Slavonia and Baranja enriched by stunning landscapes. The second is an amazing Blast from the green and blue fairy tale that gives an insight into the past and present of life in the Mediterranean and on the continent.

We hardly can wait to show you these unforgettable experiences live.