Montenegro is a unique country at the very south of the Adriatic Sea. Such a varied natural beauty, long beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers with magnificent canyons and gorgeous mountain massifs are seen only in Montenegro.

Christian, Muslim, Illyrian, Byzantine, Ottoman and Slav civilizations melted one into another thus creating a unique cultural and historical wealth. Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: natural and culture-historical region of Kotor and Durmitor National Park; five national parks: Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Lovcen, Skadar Lake and Prokletije; and numerous protected natural monuments offer a lot to discover in this beautiful country.

The Boka Bay is the natural fjord composed of four different bays that hide little gems like the town of Perast with the Island and the Baroque church the Lady of the Rocks, and the city of Kotor.  The monasteries of Ostrog, Moraca, Piva, Cetinje and many others display a rich tradition and religious heritage of Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

Famous tourist resort of Budva with the Old City and St Stephen’s Island nearby will leave you breathless.


The plug of choice is 220 Volts, AC, 50 Hz, two-pin socket supply.


Montenegro's official currency is the euro (€), which is divided into 100 cents. Euro bills come in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 euros. Coins come in denominations of €2, €1, €0.50, €0.20, €0.10, €0.05 and €0.01.

Credit cards

Larger cities will take credit cards, especially MasterCard and Visa but make sure to have enough change when travelling to smaller towns and countryside.


Major religion is Orthodox Christianity.


Walking the streets of any town or city at any time is relatively safe, however, the best advice may be to employ your common sense.


Restaurant and bar goers will see plenty of no-smoking signs, unfortunately these are rebelliously and generally ignored.


Citizens of the EU, Western and many other countries staying for up to 90 days do not require visa. All others need a visa, although those with valid Schengen (EU) visas or US visas may stay visa-free for up to seven days.

National holidays

January 1  New Year’s Day
January 7 Orthodox Christmas
April 30 Good Friday
May 2 Easter
May 1 & 2 International Workers' Day
May 21 & 22 Independence Day
July 13 & 14 Statehood Day