VIP Access, Local Insight, Historical

Marvel at the city’s rich, magical history with the wind in your hair on an eco-friendly Tuk-Tuk. Among other, enjoy beautiful views from the Dubrovnik’s bridge and Srđ mountain. Hold Dubrovnik in the palm of your hands and be amazed by the breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and the numerous islands.


Half day (2:00 hrs)


  • Tuk-Tuk Experience: Enjoy a panoramic tour with a twist in an Eco-Friendly Tuk-Tuk. As you drive in these electric vehicles numerous, beautiful sites will appear along your way.
  • Scenic Route: Learn about Dubrovnik’s region rich history while riding in these nimble vehicles, taking in sights such as the new bridge in the port of Gruž and view from the Srđ Hill. 
  • Medieval City of Dubrovnik: Learn about the city’s rich history.


  • Exclusive electric Tuk-Tuk rent, licensed guide, insurance, VAT.