Partnership on the Obrazovanjem do jednakih mogućnosti project


Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality School and Gulliver DMC partnership

(Dubrovnik, 18 August 2022) Project Obrazovanjem do jednakih mogućnosti, whose applicant is Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality School, started earlier this year. Several partners participate in this project whos main goal is to reduce discrimination against people with disabilities in employment and strengthen the competitiveness of people with disabilities when employed in hospitality and tourism through a series of activities, including the creation and implementation of an informal education program to increase the competitiveness of persons with disabilities in the labor market. Gulliver DMC is one of the partners on the Obrazovanjem do jednakih mogućnosti project.

Gulliver DMC is one of the most important providers of services in tourism and hospitality on the local level. In this project, practical experience is also provided by people who will participate in training, and their competence and skills will contribute to the development of programs and services for the target groups in the project.

Through the project activities, the aim is to promote access to the labor market through social support and by raising awareness of the issue of people with disabilities through public forums, roundtables, and other activities. In the same way, by organising activities for people with disabilities, the reduction of discrimination and better recognition of the needs and possibilities of people with disabilities is achieved, raising the level of social responsibility and providing an example of good practice.

Project Obrazovanjem do jednakih mogućnosti aims to improve the access of people with disabilities to the labor market in the tourism and hospitality sector through the creation and implementation of informal education programs and the training of experts for working with people with disabilities. The project is 85% financed by the European Social Fund, and 15% from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia.

You can find more detailed information about the Education for Equal Opportunities project at the following links: