Tavel safely enjoying the beauties of Croatia


Be responsible, travel responsibly

(Dubrovnik, 28 May 2021) Planning your holiday and travelling to Croatia? Check out the overview of the most important information needed to follow the applicable health and safety guidelines to protect yourself and others.

In order to enter Croatia and safely enjoy its beauties, it is necessary to meet one of five conditions:

  • Hold a negative PCR or rapid antigen test - RAT result not older than 48 hours. (All tests submitted for the purpose of entering the Republic of Croatia must come from a common list of rapid antigen tests mutually recognized by the Member States of the European Union.)
  • Hold a vaccination certificate if you received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine more than 14 days ago.
  • Hold a proof that you have had SARS_COV-2 more than 11 days ago and less than 180 days ago.
  • Hold a proof that you have had SARS_COV-2 and have been vaccinated by one dose more than 11 days and less than 180 days ago.
  • Enter self-isolation upon arrival until the results of a test taken upon the entry to Croatia are negative.

Children under the age of seven are exempted from the obligation to meet the above conditions if their accompanying parents or guardians meet the same.

If you come from a non-EU country, it is additionally required to present a proof of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private accommodation or a chartered vessel or a proof of ownership of a house or vessel in the Republic of Croatia.

Additionally, the COVID Q&A by Croatian National Tourist Board provides an overview of all important questions and answers such as the simpler process of crossing the border via the online form EnterCroatia, what of passengers in transit, how transport works in Croatia, whether hotels, restaurants and beaches in Croatia open, what to do if you get infected, etc.

For all timely and accurate information on the coronavirus, current epidemiological measures and the situation in Croatia, the following links are also available:
Official website of the Government of the Republic of Croatia: https://www.koronavirus.hr/en
Interactive map of the Croatian Tourism Association with marked active cases of infection: www.croatiacovid19.info

Have a pleasant and safe stay in Croatia!